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Dear Readers,

From being a small event organized by the IEI Students’ chapter of CSE to becoming one of the largest communities in the college involving all the departments, Ingenium has grown a lot. It started with just 22 people and only 2 teams, “Abohoman” and “Prayukti”. This year we had 50+ members and 4 different teams namely “Prayukti”, “Abohoman”, “Utkarshi” and “Sarvagya”. If we look back to the day it all started, we never thought the college authority would recognize us as the official web magazine of the Academy of Technology. But this truly proves: “Every journey begins with a single step. We just have to have patience.”

Despite certain hurdles encountered, our members didn’t lose their hope. They gave their all to this platform. The students from around the college have provided valuable insights and echoed their feelings through their submissions. And thanks to that, today we can proudly say I am a part of Ingenium.

Like last year, this year “Sarvagya” team has played a pivotal role in engaging the maximum number of students by continuous and rapid reporting about college events. Sarvagya is the eyes, ears, and voice of Ingenium. Arranging meet-ups, doing marketing for Ingenium on social media, and coming up with new ideas to increase student engagement, Sarvagya is responsible for all of it. They are also responsible for broadcasting any news to the students by Ingenium. In this edition, Sarvagya gathered news on the praiseworthy activities of the students and covered all the events conducted in the current academic year. It can be found under the News & Activities Section of the Magazine.

Like the previous edition, this time Prayukti is a part of the Ingenium too. It received an overwhelming amount of response, indicating a tremendous growth in the interests of students in the field of Tech.

And just like previous years, Abohoman never ceases to amaze us. It had surpassed the amount of submissions from the last edition. It really depicts how culturally blessed our college is, and how much creativity can be found within our students.

As the work progressed for this edition, we thought of organizing events alongside the traditional way of collecting submissions through Google Forms. Thus “VisionThread”, the painting competition, and “Technical Scribbler”, the technical article writing competition came into the picture. We were overwhelmed by receiving a huge number of positive reviews on both events. The selected articles of “Technical Scribbler” will be published under Prayukti. On the other hand, the top 16 paintings shortlisted from “ VisionThread” were published in our wall magazine and only the top 3 will be featured in the web version.

Finally, we can’t talk about bringing a web magazine without the existence of a dedicated team working round the clock in the background. A team which is always ready to deliver the digital needs of the magazine. Graphics, logos, videos - you name it, they deliver it. After the first edition of Ingenium, we felt the need to have a team which would be on standby to fulfil the technical requirements. Hence, “Utkarshi”, the technical team of Ingenium was formed. The team comprises amazing web designers, developers and graphic designers, and they have been an integral part of everything digital done under the Ingenium banner.

Ingenium was like a puzzle that needed to be solved. And each team did its part in bringing themselves together and working to complete it. No individual team could have done it on their own. Ingenium is what it is now because everyone clearly understood their role and responsibility and did that with utmost dedication and at times going above and beyond to finish the task that needed to be done. Back in 2020 when we first thought of Ingenium, we never imagined that we could get so many people to work on a single thing. Hope you like the fourth edition of Ingenium and share your feedback with us through our social media handles.

Editorial Board