Present Day

Jaxon Jones is now a hero for most people not only in England but also in all the neighboring countries and he is a part of almost any discussion, from news channels to regular chats in schools and colleges, everywhere JJ is the main topic of the day. The countrymen gave him that nickname lovingly and Jackson also thinks that it quite suits him. But apart from this nickname, he doesn’t like the craze and the immense popularity that he is getting now. He continues to lead that pretty ordinary life that he used to lead before getting popular. For him, he hasn’t done anything to deserve such special treatment like a hero. He always believes that as a human, you cannot turn a blind eye to your responsibilities. As a result, he believes that he has done nothing more than his duty. He only wishes for people to love him as a friend or neighbor because he believes that such acts of love will be a blessing to him and will aid him in uncovering the truth in his future adventures or cases. Yes, Jaxon is a private detective in addition to that he is also an adventurous person who likes to explore new places. His home at 13C VictoriaStt, Bristol is an ideal location for those news reporters. Having graduated from the University of Boston, he worked for a prestigious firm for a couple of years before concluding that those fixed, regular monotonous works were not meant for him. He always wanted to work freely on his own, where he could be the master of his own. After leaving his job he always used to think about what he should do for the rest of his life. On one such day, while thinking about this, he found a detective storybook. From his childhood, adventure and detective books attracted him and perhaps only because of this event, he finally took the most important decision of his life on that day. He decided to spend the rest of his life as a detective and an adventurous person.

From then on, he solved many small local cases but he was unable to face any case that tested or challenged his detective skills. Now, let us head back to a few months ago to learn about the case and the adventure that made JJ this much popular.

February 20, 20222

Jaxon is going to be 28 on March 2. That’s why his brother Daniel made a surprise plan for a trip to Denmark. Although reluctant to go at first, Jason changed his mind because he can never say no to any of his brother’s wishes. After the death of their parents, his brother is his only companion and friend and both of them share a strong bond. It might be because they have a lot of similarities between them. Even their professions are also very similar. One is a detective and the other one is a lawyer. Both of them share their own experiences with each other. Daniel too loves his younger brother deeply and that’s why he made this surprise plan for him. Daniel is very excited about the trip and Jaxon is happy about the fact, that he can explore new places and learn new things because he hadn’t been to Denmark before. They start to prepare and pack their luggage because their flight is in three days' time from now.   

February 23, 20222

Their flight had just landed at Copenhagen airport. By this time Jaxon has learned many things about Danish People. He learned that a vast majority of Danish can speak English, so they will not face any difficulties in interacting with them. Daniel hasn’t booked with any travel agent because they wanted to explore the country all by themselves and that will be quite adventurous in one way. He had booked a hotel in Copenhagen city center which is one of the main and busy places in Copenhagen. They reached there within a half-hour cab ride and Jaxon found the area to be very beautiful. He had studied that this city center is the heart of Copenhagen. One can find cultural institutions, museums, and attractions along with royal history.

The hotel owner is such a nice person, well behaved and polite and very caring towards their guests. He had already cleaned and arranged the room beforehand along with all the basic necessities, so that his visitors can get a comfortable stay and they can get enough time to explore the locality the same day. On being asked, the owner asked if he lived alone in an apartment nearby. During the day he manages all the dealings and at night the manager takes care of all the responsibilities. Daniel and Jaxon came to know that their hotel is a heritage property and it used to be a royal place of the king of Copenhagen many centuries back

February 25, 20222

The sun is falling now and by this time the duo has seen a lot of places in Denmark. They visited Tivoli Gardens, ChristiansborgPalacee, the National Museum of Denmark, and lots more. The Tivoli Gardens is like a complete village with shops and lakes adding more to its beauty. He had got to learn about this place before in movies that he watched back in Bristol. They learned about the history of Christiansborg Palace and its construction and reconstruction,  and also about the destructive events that took place there.            

On reaching the hotel and having made dinner they prepared their planning for the next day before going to sleep.

February26, 20222

They are now standing in front of the famous Round Tower. While his brother is taking pictures of the tower, he keeps thinking about the mysterious poem that hung in a picture frame in the hotel palace. He had seen many photographs, paintings, and achievements being hung on the wall in every part of their hotel and they were not surprised by all this because they knew it was a heritage building. But somehow those four lines had something in them that attracted his attention again and again. On being asked, the owner said that the king was fond of writing poems and he used to write those poems in his free time after coming from hunting. The owner added that all those memories had been there in the same place when he first came to watch this hotel and he has never touched it either. So, the poems like all the other things are simply a memory of the king. Up to telling this he stopped and asked them to have their lunch.

De glade sjæle,

Hvem kommer hver weekend,

 tager altid orkideer med hjem og

blive i vores hus resten af ​​dagen.

He had told his brother about this poem. But to Daniel, it was nothing more than any other poem. But Jaxon couldn’t agree to it. Those four lines were written in the Danish language which if translated to English will mean

The happy souls, happy faces

Who comes every weekend,

always brings orchids into our house and

 stay in our house the rest of the day.

Particularly, the third line catches his attention and gives him a smell of mystery. Does the house mean King’s Palace? Whom did he mean by “The happy souls”? Were they the King’s relatives? He keeps on thinking about all this.

On returning to the hotel, another surprise was waiting for them. The hotel owner told them that he had arranged a short tour for them. It is an honor for him to help make his foreign guest's tour to Denmark memorable. He added that he would bear all their expenses. Daniel immediately agreed to this proposal.

While they were returning back from the reception to their room, Jaxon kept on thinking about the scar mark that he had seen on the owner’s forehead a few moments ago. The mark must have been at least a few years old and as far as he can remember he had never had any such scar marks on the owner’s forehead for the past few days, also he found the owner’s behavior slightly different, and the Manager? He hasn’t seen him since they returned to the hotel this evening. But he decided not to tell his brother anything about this. At night, the owner himself came to inform us about dinner. It was slightly earlier as compared to the other days but it was ultimately good for them no need for us because, the next day, they had to go to the countryside.

February 27, 20222                                                      

They are now in Funen, which is a couple of hours' journey from Copenhagen. Funen is one of the biggest Islands of Denmark and is linked to other larger islands by the Great Belt Bridge. On reaching there, they felt that they had entered a completely different world, it was no less than a fairy tale world. Mesmerized by the picturesque castle and the scenic beauty, they wished that they could spend the rest of their lives there away from all those hustles and bustles, crowds, horns, etc. In Funen, they are living in another heritage building that was also a part of the same king’s kingdom back in the capital city.

From the very beginning of their Funen arrival, the behavior of their hotel manager appeared quite strange and suspicious to Jaxon. His way of talking, and his looks don’t appear to be convenient to Jaxon.

February 28, 2022

They are going to stay for one more day in Funen. Jaxon is still thinking about that poem. He is sure that there is something in the poem, rather than some indications that he is unable to figure it out. At that very time, the most unthinkable thing happened. He finds a similar poem being handed on the wall in a similar fashion back in Copenhagen. It is also written in Danish and Jaxon immediately opens the translator his phone and translates that poem into English.

Enjoy the orchid in the garden,

Where the Sun sets,

You too can feel its shine,

On having blessings of parents.

He repeats the four lines in his mind a few times. Suddenly, the meaning of the first riddle becomes crystal clear in his mind. He told himself a fool for not being able to understand this earlier. The happy souls and happy faces are not any relatives of the king, by this line, the king wanted to tell about the flowers in the garden which bring beauty to the earth, the earth stands for house in his poem and the second house has a different meaning. “Stays in our house the rest of the day”, by the word house he wanted to tell about his mind. The beauty of the flower soothes his mind for the rest of the day. The third line which he didn’t give much attention stands for the seven colors which upon mixing produce sunlight. Since one can see the real beauty of the flower only in the daytime that’s why he used the term weekend. Just like a week has 7 days, sunlight is also a mixture of 7 colors.

The sun is falling now. Today they haven’t stepped out of their hotel. Jaxon desperately tries to find the actual meaning of the second poem, rather than the second riddle for the whole day. He could have succeeded by this time, but “Parent” is the only word that is troubling him in the whole poem. Jaxon has already told the meaning of the other three lines to Daniel. In the poem, the word sunset signifies the west direction and the first two lines collectively signify the garden that is on the west side of their hotel. There are high chance that he wanted to indicate the presence of some treasure by shining. But without the actual meaning of “Parent,” nothing is sure. Daniel got slightly upset but to encourage his brother he said that they would surely get success in their mission. As soon as these words reach Jaxon’s ear, it seems that perhaps some lightning strikes in Jaxon’s mind. He immediately calls someone and also asks his brother to come along with him. Jaxon is now clear that they have been sent here by the fake owner of Copenhagen Hotel. His doubt about that scar mark was right. For the first three days, he didn’t notice any scar marks on the owner’s face. He called the police a few minutes ago because he had to save the real owner and also the manager. He reached the exact location that the riddle told him. But as soon as they reach there, both of them see the fake owner along with two other men coming towards them. All of them have guns in their hand. Daniel grew frightened because the place was completely new to them. But for Jaxon it was not the case in fact, it seems that he already knew that something like this was going to happen. At first, those three men started to threaten them to tell them the exact location of the treasure. The fake manager came to know everything from his companion in the phone call. In the afternoon, Jaxon had seen the Funen hotel manager secretly listening to his conversation with Daniel who was now standing in front and threatening him with his gun.

Now the fake owner comes very close to Jaxon and as soon as he is about to hold Jaxon at gunpoint, a fire is shot from behind, and immediately the owner falls to the ground. Very quickly the policemen got hold of the other two and arrested them.

As suggested by Jaxon, the policemen brought digging tools with them. A couple of them start to dig at the point where Jaxon told them to dig, right under the shade of two very old trees, which were the parents in King’s poem. If one raises an eye from the digging position, it seems that those trees were extending their branches in a way similar to how parents give blessings to their children. Things went on as expected, upon digging a few feet they got hold of the king’s most valuable treasures. By rules, this has to be returned to the government of Denmark. Before going, the police inspector thanked them and told him that he would get any help from them whenever he required it. It would be an honor to help him. To this Jaxontellsl them he wants a small favor.

 On reaching the Copenhagen hotel he unties the real owner and the manager. The manager tells him that he has no words left in him to express his gratitude. He tells Jaxon that all those evil plans were set by his twin brother. They look the same except his brother has a scar mark on his forehead which he hasn’t. Then he wants to know how Jaxon has got to solve the entire incident. To this, Jaxon smiled and said that it was his duty.

March 2, 2022

Today the policemen awarded him for his vital contribution to their country, to help find a long-lost treasure. All the news reporters were busy taking pictures of pictures of their heroes. The news spread from Denmark to Bristol in England.

Jaxon feels that today is perhaps the best birthday of his life. After all, he is able to perform his duties, his responsibilities and he will no longer doubt his skills.