Because each one of us is the protagonist of our own story. It's amazing to think how valuable we are in this world of over 7.9 billion people. Everything we say matters on the grand scale of things; people are willing to lend us an ear; some people feel annoyed by our existence; some who feel happy; and others who don't care, but even those who don't care are the protagonists of another story.

Life is a blessing for those of us who have been given the right to exist, the right to live, and the right to think for ourselves. It is so amusing to think that in this wide and unending universe, we are the ones who get the right to think for ourselves and live our way... Wow! 

We humans are free to construct and destroy, which are the only two things that can be done. But again, these two come in a pair; we cannot construct without destructing or destruct without constructing if you think about it. We humans have the physique of constructors but a mentality of causing destruction.

Like, who does not like buildings breaking down by beams of lasers and all such stuff? But we cannot do anything like that without the help of other people or without using the natural resources of our planet just to waste them for our own causes.

Again, we are free to do anything, so why do we need to think about others? It is because everyone is free and everyone has an equal right to enjoy everything.

To prevent one’s freedom from intersecting with another person's freedom, we have a brain powerful enough to create and destroy our whole universe, and in multiple ways at that.

With imagination, no one or nothing is harmed, and we are rightfully using our freedom too—our freedom of imagination, a right that is impossible to be taken from us or restricted.

We are the most powerful species existing in this universe, as far as our current knowledge goes, and we don't need superpowers or any such thing to feel more powerful.

Why? We are intelligent enough to think about something known as superpowers.                                                                                                                                                     

A once-in-a-million chance of survival, a life filled with day-to-day hazards, a life that is unpredictable, a life where there is someone to fall in love with—a life like the protagonist of your favorite fiction story—is basically your own life.

We have a mind that is capable of thinking anything and is powerful enough to satisfy our desires and also prove to us the meaning of our existence.

A clash of opinions with others is our fight; we don't need to punch each other to prove who is right or wrong because there is no correct or incorrect; it is all a matter of perspectives.

That is all for this one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Enjoy living!