It seems so serene at the hill.

Now in anticipation of the rain and chill.

The lush, dense verdure lies in luxurious grace,

Life seems to be content with its delicate pace.


A few miles I walked to reach the cottage.

Back just in time to escape the torrential rage.

Embalmed by the aroma of Nature's soul,

I already feel myself a rejuvenated whole.


I venture outdoors with my steaming coffee,

Sitting under this benign, benevolent tree.

Waiting for the rain to start bathing the earth,

And the old caretaker to ignite the heat.


I feel the gush of the salubrious breeze,

My restless senses cajoled into ease.

I feel my emotions caressed with great care,

Nature, so eager in Her will to share.


Soon the uninhibited rain will pour in a torrent wild,

Igniting the faculties in me that lie timid and mild,

I will embrace the downpour in ecstasy sheer,

Relishing the drops with affection, dear.


The night will be rainy, breezy, and cold.

An experience so rare, and beautifully bold.

I will listen intently to the voice of Nature,

And my soul will bow to her magnificent stature.

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