Such a mysterious title right?….. The title draws the attention of the readers to a place that is not enlightened, something that is depressing or evil. A place that is full of secrets, unhappiness, and sadness. Reading all these adjectives mentioned above, you all must be thinking that I am going to talk about a horror movie or a horror place that brings to our mind, the Hindi phrase, “ Yaha Jana Mana Hai”.

Don’t worry I am not going to take you to a place where you are not allowed to go. So, coming back to the title of the article ‘ The Dark Corner’, this place is present inside each and everyone, whether they are reading or not. Yes, this corner exists within all of us, that we, in other words, call our darkest memories. A memory that we do not want to share and keep it to ourselves. We all try not to remember this memory over and over again but we all know this is impossible because the things that we try to forget, often come running towards so fast that we forget to cherish the good times.

And when this happens, we wonder why. This is because of the happiness we share with everyone but when it comes to sharing our dark memories, we try to keep them to ourselves, locked away in the corner of our hearts.

Because we start thinking about what others will say, how they will react to this, will they understand us or judge us. This is the major reason why we do not share these memories. But here I would like to explain why it’s wrong to judge a person or their memory because it’s not just them who have had a bad experience. I believe we all have some sort of bad memory.

But my question here is should we feel depressed or sad remembering those memories? I think we should not because those are YOUR MEMORIES, which means it has already happened, you are out of it, and that means it’s over. But I know that it’s easier said than done.

At some point or other, everyone goes through experiences they’d rather forget. When something unexpected happens we, mix up all the bad or dark things together and get depressed.

But here’s a thing that we all should know:” The dark does not destroy the light, it defines it, it’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.”

This article is not going to give you insight on how to forget your bad experiences. I have written this because I want everyone reading this to relate to what I am saying.

Darkness is a part of everyone’s life. Instead of thinking about it, we should think that it was our past that we have already overcome.

We should focus on the good, or rather say, our best memories because that is something that gives us strength, but that does not mean that darkness is unimportant in our lives. There was a reason why god did not abolish darkness and created light, he gave us the option to choose if we want to come back to happiness or just want to be captured in that dark corner.

Remember the phrase,” Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”

So, the choice is yours!!