Have you spent hours weaving elaborate, rose-tinted dreams about your beloved, only to be jolted back to harsh reality by the realization that he is fictional, and hence, you will never have your “HAPPILY-EVER AFTER” with him? Have you scribbled endless notes addressed to people like “Mr. Darcy”, “Tobias Eaton”, or “Percy  Jackson”, and resigned yourself to the fact that the “Prince Of Your Dreams” changes with every new book you read, or with every movie/TV series that you watch? Fret not, dear fangirl, you’re not alone – countless girls (including me) have succumbed to the dangerous allure of men (with their humor, intellect, dashing looks, and probably also that irresistible brooding nature) in books. If you’re a girl who strictly prefers dating in the fictional world, here is a little dating guide  (umm…rather comprehensive I guess) to two of the most desirable men in fiction, for you:- 


Arrogant, filthy rich, proud, and unsocial snob when you first meet him (I guess it leaves you wondering why countless women swoon at his name), but later turns out to be the perfect partner for clashes of wit, and is a true gentleman with a generous nature and a  loving heart when you get to know him. His marriage proposal to Lizzy, and the changes he undergoes for the sake of love, have earned timeless fame in Literature’s Hall of Classic romances. *Sigh* – Nobody does or says anything “ardently” anymore, do they? 

She’s tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.”

The lengths people go to mask love at first sight! It is a universally acknowledged fact that every female reader/viewer of Pride And Prejudice falls head over heels for Mr. Darcy, so there is no “Swipe-Left” option for this one; especially if you have watched the BBC series, with  Colin Firth starring as Darcy… 



 Insensitive, slightly off his rocker, superbly intelligent, arrogant, drug-addicted “consulting detective”,

played by a British actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose cheekbones are a perfect demonstration of the Pythagoras Theorem. 

Gleefully screams – “The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!”, at the news of a murder. Treats everyone like they are exceptionally stupid toddlers, goes to Buckingham Palace wrapped in nothing but a bedsheet, has an even smarter, frigid older brother, and a maniac psychopath of a younger sister. Oh, did I mention that he has a deep baritone voice, and speaks faster than the speed of light whenever he’s excited?


 “I am not a psychopath; I am a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.”

Every Sherlockian probably knows this by heart. You can fantasize about dating him to your heart’s context, but he wouldn’t bother to look in your direction unless he needs your help in getting corpses from the morgue, or to nab your criminal mastermind of a  boss, or if you know, in the rarest of rare events, he happens to feel an iota of interest in any human female…




Is usually described as brooding, stubborn, and very kind and compassionate. He always puts Bella’s safety and welfare before anything else.  Edward is also a bit of a romantic at heart. He often over-analyzes situations and tends to overreact, especially in situations where Bella’s safety is potentially at risk. Bella says,

Time had not made me immune to the perfection of his face, and I was sure I would never take any aspect of him for granted. My eyes traced over his pale white features: the hard square of his  jaw, the softer curve of his full lips—twisted in a smile now, the straight line of  his nose, the top of his forehead—partially obscured by the tangle of rain - darkened bronze hair."

Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, has high cheekbones, a strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose, and full lips. His untidy hair retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited from his biological mother, Elizabeth Masen. He remains frozen physically at 17 years old, though he is technically over 100. 



"He called you pretty...That's practically an insult, the way you look right now...You're  much more than beautiful."

Well, I wish I were so lucky to have someone so enamored with me that he would consider the word “pretty” to be an insult to me !!!!