The Institute of Engineers Students’ Chapter of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) at our esteemed Academy of Technology mirrors the resilience of a phoenix, emerging stronger and more vibrant in the academic year of 2022-23. This marked a pivotal moment for our institution, as it reopened its doors post-lockdown, welcoming students back with an infectious enthusiasm for academic pursuits. In this spirited atmosphere, every student chapter committed itself to presenting innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the overall experience of AOT students and fostering participation in diverse competitions. Notably, the dedicated efforts of fourth and third-year ECE students were pivotal in the revival and restructuring of SC-ECE, leading to the seamless organization of multiple successful events. The year witnessed an impressive turnout of students who actively engaged in events hosted by the ECE stream, showcasing an abundance of enthusiasm and an array of talents. This report is dedicated to spotlighting the meticulous planning and execution behind the triumphs of the Students’ Chapter of ECE and celebrates the success of the following events:

1. Synapse


The SYNAPSE 1.0 was designed to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn new technologies in various domains, including web development, android development, UI/UX, content writing, and mobile development. 


The SYNAPSE 1.0 was organized on a virtual platform, and all department students were allowed to participate in multiple domains including web development, Android development, UI/UX design, Content Writing, Mobile development, etc. The event was organized by the Institute of Engineers Students' Chapter, ECE department, which was responsible for the event's planning, promotion, and execution. The committee worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was a huge success and that all participants had a positive experience.


The event planning phase started with the formation of the organizing committee, which consisted of faculty members and students from the ECE department. The committee was responsible for defining the event's objectives, deciding the domains in which students could participate, and the platform they would be comfortable presenting their works which included the formation of various websites and web pages and also creating the event's schedule.


The organizing committee used various mediums to promote the event to students. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were used to reach out to students. Emails were sent to all department heads, encouraging them to spread the word about the event to their students.


The open-source contribution event was organized using GitHub, and students were required to register for the event before participating to receive the participating ticket. Registration was completely free. The event was a month-long event that started around the 1st week of January and continued till the end of the month. All participants were given access to the virtual platform where they could access the relevant domains. The platform was user-friendly and easy to navigate, which helped students to participate smoothly. Participants were given access to online resources such as tutorials and videos to help them in their respective domains.


The event was evaluated by the organizing committee based on some preset parameters. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants praising the event's organization, execution, and availability of resources. Participants also highlighted that the event was a great learning experience, and they were able to acquire new skills and knowledge. The organizing committee also noted that the event achieved its objectives of promoting open-source technologies and providing students with an opportunity to learn and showcase their skills. The top 10 contributors received t-shirts and amazing goodies from the organizing team.

2. Syntaxical


As the words say, "No competition, no progress," the Students’ Chapter of Electronics and Communication department of AOT decided to organize a quiz event for the benefit of the students on March 2, 2023. The quiz was organized around subjects like coding, aptitude, development, and design but had fun elements too. It was divided into two parts: Prelims and Grand Finale.

In the first half, the preliminary round was conducted through a virtual platform though in the specified venue, and in the second half, we conducted the grand finale with 12 teams. The prize pool included certificates for all participants and cash prizes for the top three winning teams.



A set of rules were framed to ensure the proper conduction of the event. 

In Prelims:

In Final:


Prelims were conducted in the first half of 2nd March 2023. Each room had a sufficient number of invigilators to evade any kind of unwanted behavior. A technical team was ready to help the participants with any issues faced. A backup Google Form was there kept ready to avoid complications. The quiz was conducted smoothly. The top 4 teams from each slot were selected to participate in the finale i.e. we had 12 qualified teams for the finale.

Finalists reported in the quiz room by 2:30 pm and the finale started sharp at 3:00 pm. A presentation was made with the final question set and there was a single question for each team during every round. Opportunities for bonus questions arose when any team failed to answer their question within time. There were four rounds namely coding, aptitude, design and development, and miscellaneous.  Four teams emerged as the winners who bagged the first, second, and joint third prizes. They were awarded certificates along with the prize money we had promised on the very next day.


3. Shutter Up

"Contrast is what makes a photograph interesting," and various photos taken by students throughout the photography event demonstrated the same. A photography event titled Shutter Up with the theme of capturing our college innovatively was conducted by the Student Chapter ECE. The event commenced at the end of February and continued for almost a month. 


The registration link was circulated across the campus via Google Forms. Students were encouraged to register by filling up some nominal details provided in the Google form. The entrance fee per student was Rs 20. After payment , a confirmation mail was sent to the participants.


The submission link for each participant was embedded in their respective confirmation mail. Only one submission per participant was allowed.



More than 150 people registered for the event. Each one of them tried their level best to capture the best shots of our campus. A neck-to-neck competition was observed for the winning title.


Among the 150 submissions, the top 10 clicks were shortlisted and the final selection was done through a poll conducted via Google Forms where multiple voting was enabled. Several teachers and students of our college voted for their favorite clicks. Finally, the winners were announced on April 23, 2023.

The first three positions were bagged by-

  1. Soumanti Koley, second-year ECE

  2. Suprabha Chakroborty, first-year CSE

  3. Pritam Basu, First-Year EE

Head of the ECE  department, Dr. Abhijit Banerjee, and faculty advisors of the IEI Students Chapter, Prof. Pinak Pani Mukherjee, and Prof. Subham Pramanick presented certificates along with the promised prize money to the first three position holders.

4. Envision: Beyond the Basics

The Student's Chapter of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) at our esteemed institution recently hosted an engaging and insightful online event, titled "Envision: beyond the basics." This event, comprising four episodes – Netwesis, Illuminate, WebScape, and Pixelate – unfolded via Google Meet, drawing in a remarkable 400 registrations from enthusiastic participants eager to delve into the diverse realms of the industry.

The registration process for "Envision: beyond the basics" was met with overwhelming interest, with 400 eager participants signing up for the opportunity to broaden their horizons. The minimal registration fee of Rs 20 only served to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees.


Episode Highlights:


Netwesis (November 14):

Speaker: Mr. Dheeraj Purohit, Front-End Developer at PolyDesign

Topic: Personal Branding and Professional Networking

Mr. Purohit, with his extensive experience, shared valuable insights into the importance of personal branding and effective networking in the professional world.


Illuminate (November 16):

Speaker: Mr. Soumyo Das, SPCOM Student at IIT Kanpur

Topic: Cracking GATE Exams

A distinguished alumni from our own college, Mr. Das, provided strategic guidance and tips for successfully navigating and excelling in GATE exams.


WebScape (November 17):

Speaker: Mr. Sumitava Chakraborty, Software Engineer at Kreeti Technologies

Topic: Introduction to Web Development

Mr. Chakraborty, another successful alumnus, introduced participants to the dynamic world of web development, offering a glimpse into the latest trends and technologies.


Pixelate (November 18):

Speaker: Mr. Debayan, System Engineer at TCS

Topic: Graphic Designing and UI/UX

Mr. Debayan, an innovative mind ,and a distinguished alumnus, delved into the intricacies of graphic designing, color schemes, and UI/UX design, leaving participants inspired and well-informed.

Grand Finale:

The event culminated with a delightful musical night by the talented Mr. Ayan Paul, a beloved senior from the 2023 passout batch. The audience was treated to an evening of soulful melodies, adding a touch of artistry to the technical feast. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the Student's Chapter Convener, Ms. Khushi Gupta, currently a third-year ECE student.

It can be concluded that "Envision: beyond the basics" emerged as a resounding success, offering participants a holistic understanding of various facets of the latest industry trends. The organizers, speakers, and participants collectively contributed to the event's success, making it a milestone in the journey of the ECE Student's Chapter.



To sum up, the entire year was an eventful and fun-filled one, both for the students of ECE and those from other streams. The students of ECE were elated and overwhelmed by the immense support, participation, and positive response they received. The feedback for all the events conducted was overwhelmingly positive, with participants praising the organization, execution, and availability of resources of the events. The whole process testified to the teamwork and organizational skills of the organizing committee members. As we look forward, the Student's Chapter ECE remains committed to providing enriching experiences, fostering learning, and creating platforms for the exchange of knowledge.