Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
                                                                                                                               ~Mattie Stepanek

Numerous noteworthy efforts and events have surfaced in the rapidly developing technological environment, each of which has enriched ideas and expertise in its application sphere. These varied topics capture the importance of creative thinking and education in technology. They range from delving into the complexities of cybersecurity to investigating the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), from stimulating a culture of hackathon engagement to equipping students with the competence of Git and GitHub, and finally from connecting with successful alumni to charting a path towards turning into successful software developer engineers.

Details of the various events organized by Students Chapter of CSE are listed below:


TECHNOCRUISE by TECHKRITI was a two-day event that took place on March 3rd and 4th, 2023. The event was focused on two different areas - Ethical hacking and Cyber Security on the first day, and Internet of Things (IoT) on the second. The event was well-received by all the participants, with over 80 people attending day one and 60+ people attending day two.

Day One - Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity

Samyajit Mukherjee, a Consultant Cyber Security at ISOAH Data Securities Pvt. Ltd, was the speaker on the first day. His interest areas include Cybersecurity, ISO27001 audit, and Cybersecurity Training. Mr. Samyajit focused on teaching the participants about the basic mistakes that can lead to devastating cyber attacks. He shared his experience in the field of Cybersecurity, providing valuable insights to participants.More than 80+ participants joined us on this day. Their dedication helped us to get success.

Volunteers from the second and third years of the organizing team worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth completion of day one. Participants were engaged in various activities and lessons on cyber attacks and cybersecurity throughout the day.



Day Two - Internet of Things

Nikhil Narayan, a highly respected software trainer in Eastern India, was the speaker on day two. He is known for his expertise in the latest software technologies and has personally trained over 20,000 freshers, helping them secure positions in reputable software companies. 

Mr. Nikhil focused on teaching participants about the basics of Arduino UNO, Servo motors, and Jumper Wires. He shared his experience in the field of IoT and provided valuable insights to participants.More than 50+ participants joined us on the second day. Their dedication helped us to achieve success.

Volunteers from the second and third years of the organizing team worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth completion of day two. Participants were engaged in various activities and live tutorials on IoT throughout the day.



Technocruise Zonal Competition

Technocruise, an initiative by IIT Kanpur, offers a unique platform for students across the country to showcase their skills and talent in robotics and automation through its zonal competitions, IARC, Manoeuvre, and Industry-Institute-Interaction (III). 

These competitions provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge and exposure in the field of robotics and automation, regardless of their expertise level. Students can participate in these competitions without any prior experience or specialized skills. 

The International Autonomous Robotics Competition (IARC) challenges participants to build autonomous robots capable of locomotion using sensors in a simulated environment. The competition focuses on promoting the development of intelligent, autonomous systems and provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their abilities in robotics.

Manoeuvre is a competition that challenges participants to build autonomous, unmanned vehicles (UVs) capable of performing tasks such as surveillance and delivery in a simulated environment. Participants will have an opportunity to showcase their skills in designing and programming UAVs, which are increasingly being used in various industries.

The Industry-Institute-Interaction (III) competition is designed to promote interaction between industry and academia. Participants will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and innovative ideas to industry experts. This competition focuses on addressing real-world problems and challenges faced by industry, providing participants with valuable experience in tackling real-world challenges.

The zonal competition was designed to be both challenging and educational, requiring teams to develop autonomous robots and unmanned vehicles capable of performing complex tasks in a simulated environment. The competition encouraged participants to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems, providing them with valuable experience and exposure to cutting-edge technology. Winners were given the chance to attend Techkriti tech fest at IIT Kanpur, which is one of the largest technical festivals in Asia. They also got an opportunity to network with experts and like-minded individuals, who can provide valuable insights and mentorship. 

The zonal competition organized by Technocruise was a great success, with over 100+ teams from different parts of the country participating in the event. The competition provided a fantastic opportunity for these teams to learn about real-life problems in the field of robotics and automation and put their knowledge to the test. These competitions provided an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and innovative ideas, network with industry experts, and attend one of the largest technical festivals in Asia.




2. Awareness Program about Hackathon

The Students' Chapter CSE Tech Team also conducted an awareness program about hackathons for first and second-year students. The event aimed to educate students about the benefits of participating in hackathons and how they can improve their skills and build a strong network in the technology industry.

During the event, experienced seniors from Third Year CSE shared their insights and provided valuable guidance on how to participate in hackathons and make the most of the experience. They discussed the benefits of participating in hackathons, including the opportunity to work on real-world problems, learn new skills, and build a network with like-minded individuals.

The event was a great success, with students from the first and second years expressing their excitement about the opportunities that hackathons provide. Many participants expressed interest in participating in upcoming hackathons and appreciated the guidance and mentorship provided by the industry experts.The awareness program organized by the Students' Chapter CSE Tech Team was a fantastic initiative that provided first and second-year students with valuable insights into the world of hackathons. The event not only educated students about the benefits of participating in hackathons but also helped build a community of like-minded individuals who can support each other in their technology journeys. It is a great step towards building a strong technology ecosystem in the university and inspiring students to pursue their passion for technology.




3. Summer of Bootcamp

The IEI Students' Chapter of CSE at the Academy of Technology next conducted an interactive session on Git and GitHub on April 26th, 2023. The event was a huge success and gave attendees essential skills to utilize Git and GitHub to contribute to open-source projects. 

This summer boot camp on the introduction of Git and GitHub saw an impressive turnout of over 80 students from the first and second year. The attendees were keen to learn and enhance their knowledge of these essential tools that are widely used in the software development industry. 

The bootcamp provided a comprehensive overview of Git and GitHub, covering the basics, including version control, repositories, branching, merging, and more. The attendees had the opportunity to interact with experienced mentors and engage in hands-on sessions, which helped them gain practical knowledge of these tools.

Overall, the summer bootcamp was a great success, with a large number of enthusiastic students participating and learning from the expert mentors. The session featured expert speakers, including Arnab Chatterjee, Bishakh Neogi, and Irshit Mukherjee, who are highly experienced and talented in this field. They helped the attendees learn the fundamental concepts, including pull requests, forking, branching, and much more. The session aimed to equip the attendees with the skills required to make meaningful contributions to the open-source community.

To sum up, the IEI Students' Chapter of CSE at the Academy of Technology organized an excellent event that taught attendees the basics of Git and GitHub. The expert speakers provided valuable insights into open-source contributions, which can significantly benefit the attendees in their future endeavors.


4. Alumni Meet on A Guide to SDE : Yogesh Yogendra

On the 29th of April, the members of the CSE Students' Chapter organized a guidance event for their fellow students. The event was conducted by Yogesh Yogendra, an esteemed alumnus of the Academy of Technology who had previously worked at Zeotap and is currently employed as a software development engineer at Amazon. 

It was specified that only members of the SCCSE (Students' Chapter CSE) and attendees of the 'Technocruise' event are permitted to attend the session. There was no need for re-registration as the QR code from the 'Technocruise' event was accepted as proof of attendance.

During the event, Yogesh shared valuable insights on what it takes to become a successful software development engineer (SDE). He gave the attendees a detailed guide on the skills and qualities that are required to excel in this field, based on his personal experience.

Mr. Yogesh's talk covered a wide range of topics, including the importance of having a strong technical foundation, keeping up with the latest industry trends and innovations, and continuously honing one's problem-solving abilities. He also emphasized the need to develop strong communication and collaboration skills, as software development is often a team effort.

The event was highly informative and engaging, with Yogesh sharing his own career journey and providing valuable advice to the attendees. The students were grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone who had already succeeded in the industry and were motivated to work harder towards their goals. Overall, the event was a great success and left a positive impact on all those who attended.




5. InterHacktive

On the 26th of August, the Student’s Chapter of CSE hosted the first-ever intra-college hackathon “Interhacktive” in our college Academy of Technology. It was conducted in hybrid mode in two phases. From 26th August 2023 to 28th August 2023, a 40+ hour hackathon was conducted starting 26th August  2023 with the opening ceremony at 8 pm and the hacking period starting by 10 pm. It started with a lot of craze by the participants which involved 300+ people and 86 teams.

 Days of Interhacktive

All the participants were super excited about solving different real-world problems by working on different web applications, app development, etc. The participants gave their best to stand out of the lot. Mentors were present 24/7 to help out the participants. In the mentor-support sessions, the projects were screened and the participants were provided improvement tips. This continued till the 28th of August 2023 evening, 6 pm it was the longest event ever conducted by SCCSE.  The first phase of the hackathon ended with a huge number of submissions from the participants.

The second phase of the hackathon was held on 1st September 2023, at the D block auditorium of our college Academy of Technology. Out of 86 teams,20 teams were selected for the 2nd round (the project showcase round in the auditorium). Some of our College alumni - Priyadarshan Gosh, Jyoti Mishra, Akash Munsi, and Sadip Palit were invited as a judge. We also had our respected professor Dr.Suman Sengupta as judge. The project showcase session gave us the opportunity to witness some of the finest projects. It was a tough competition indeed. Ultimately, the top three teams were elected after an intense discussion session.          



Winners Announcement and prize Distribution day

On 15th September the prize distribution ceremony was conducted in the Academy of Technology lecture hall.  The ceremony began by warmly welcoming and thanking the participants for showing such excitement. The quiz winners were rewarded with stickers and goodies.  Thereafter, a memento was presented to the sponsors as a token of gratitude. Finally, the winner list for the event was released who were then rewarded with prize money and medals. The convenor of the Student’s Chapter of CSE concluded the event with a brief speech motivating all, to continue striving for excellence.


6. Symposium

On the 5th of October, Students Chapter CSE hosted a “One Day Symposium on Soft Computing and Machine Learning”. This event was organized by The Institution of  Engineers(India), Durgapur Local Centre in collaboration with the  Academy of Technology. The seminar focused on the topics of Soft  Computing and Machine Learning, where professors from reputed colleges and universities came to deliver their insightful thoughts. 




The seminar began by requesting Mr. Safikul Islam, Chairman of IEI  Durgapur Local Centre to come up on stage alongside accompanying the other dignitaries. Thereafter, bouquets were presented to the dignitaries as a token of love and respect. This was followed by the lamp-lighting ceremony for the seminar. This continued with the welcome address, by Mr. Safikul Islam, followed by the introductory address by Prof. Prasenjit Das, which was then followed by the inaugural address by the  Chief Guest for the day, Dr. Sripati  Mukhopadhyay, and finally concluding with the vote of thanks by Mr. Manik Nath  Bandhopadhyay. Then came the turn for our major technical sessions.  To begin with, we had Dr. Sripati Mukhopadhyay,  the Chief Guest for the day, who delivered an intuitive lecture on “Data Mining: Association Rule  Mining”. The attendees got an in-depth knowledge of Association Rule Mining, i.e., mining frequent patterns and determining the association rules based on that. Thereafter, we had Dr. Paramartha Dutta, who delivered a brief lecture on “Introduction to  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”. The attendees got an overview of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and its applications and importance in daily life. Then, we had Dr. Subhashis Dasgupta, who spoke on the topic  “Knowledge Management for  Scientific Application using  Polystore”.This was a relatively newer topic for students, but still, they enjoyed the session. Following this, we had Dr. SK Hafizul Islam,  who delivered an insightful lecture on  “Introduction to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency”. The attendees were excited to learn about this exciting hot topic and they gained some exclusive knowledge on Blockchain  Technology, the Bitcoin Network, and Cryptographic puzzles. 


To sum up, Dr. Koushik Mondal, made the seminar enthralling with his lecture on “Being unbiased with fake news: Designing  Models using Deep Learning”. He introduced the students to the topics of Deep  Learning and described the differences between Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

The  “One Day Symposium on Soft Computing and  Machine Learning” ended on a good note with attendees gaining invaluable knowledge and experience from esteemed professors.


Thus it can be concluded Students’ Chapter CSE never stops working towards its objective. The world of technology has been forwarded by events like the enthralling Technocruise by TECHKRITI, which covered the subjects of ethical hacking, the field of cybersecurity, and IoT insights, and the Technocruise Zonal Competition held at IIT Kanpur, which promoted robotics and automation influence among many teams. The student awareness program shed light on the transformational advantages of hackathons, while the Academy of Technology's intense Summer of Bootcamp gave them essential Git and GitHub knowledge. A consistent denominator of these activities was the joint pursuit of creativity, learning, and cooperation, which built an inclusive and vibrant technological framework. The alumni meeting with Yogesh Yogendra highlighted this. On the other hand, InterHacktive encouraged young minds to come up with innovative technical solutions. Finally, Symposium provided the attendees with first-hand knowledge about important technological advancements on various topics. These significant events created the environment of technology for budding engineers.