15th May 2023

In the realm of immersive experiences that challenge the mind and foster teamwork, MOGOJASTRO stands as an unparalleled adventure. Hosted by the Students’ Chapter CSBS of the Academy of Technology on 14th May 2023, this event transcended conventional boundaries, inviting participants to unravel an unresolved case, don the mantle of detectives, and employ their problem-solving prowess. Participants received a chance to look into it, and they must utilize their problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities to find the truth. They performed several chores, challenges, and riddles during the event to advance in the game. The objective was to resolve the case and complete the tasks before time slipped away

The Experience

Innovation is the pillar of MOGOJASTRO, and it assures a unique experience. Participants collaborated to solve challenges and find clues in an interactive setting where they were fully engaged. Participants may anticipate various twists and turns as the mystery is revealed. The event aims to offer participants a distinctive challenge while remaining cognitively challenging and enjoyable.


Embarking on the MOGOJASTRO adventure alone initiates the journey, yet the true magic unfurls through cooperation and teamwork. Assemble a team comprising compatible individuals, pooling together your collective knowledge to conquer the forthcoming challenges. The necessity for collaboration manifests as connections are drawn and puzzles pieced together.

Special appreciation to Rangan Chattopadhyay, Raja Majumdar, Sajili Chakraborty, Soumyajit Mondal, Soumik Samanta, Rajopriyo Chanda, Anirban Jash, Gunjan Saha, Anik Chowdhury, Anisha Chakraborty, Ronit Banerjee, Purbali Sadhukhan, Ishani Roy, Anish Koner, Diganta Dutta and Sinjini Ghosh for their superb cooperation and teamwork, which helped MOGOJASTRO become a great success! The organizers extend their gratitude to the volunteers, the event management team, and the photography crew for their invaluable contributions, ensuring the smooth execution of every facet of the event.

Collaborative Work

One of MOGOJASTRO's most distinctive characteristics was its emphasis on cooperation and teamwork. Participants created coalitions by fusing their varied expertise and perspectives in an attempt to crack the codes and unravel the riddles. This cooperative atmosphere fostered relationships and illustrated the value of collective problem-solving.

The Joy of Riddle-Solving

The pleasure of completing puzzles is one of MOGOJASTRO's most thrilling elements. With each puzzle and enigma you crack as you progress through the game, you'll feel a feeling of success. Making the correct connections and having a breakthrough moment will keep you interested until the very end.

Alongside the thrill of the adventure, MOGOJASTRO offers fantastic opportunities for personal growth. On this occasion, participants were able to enhance crucial life skills, including analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.        


In the first slot of MOGOJASTRO, the organizers observed an astonishing level of enthusiasm and excitement among the participating students engaged in puzzle-solving activities. Notably, a significant percentage of participants provided correct answers during the rapid round. However, it was noted that many struggled to furnish detailed explanations for their responses, making it challenging for the crew to select the top 8 reasons. Preference was given to those who responded swiftly.

Regrettably, the first slot faced scheduling complications, leading to increased participant wait times—an issue for which the organizers expressed regret. Despite this setback and the known high-temperature issue on the campus's top floor, a considerable number of individuals actively engaged in the event.

The organizers extended sincere gratitude to all participants for their contributions to MOGOJASTRO's success. They acknowledged and appreciated the collective enthusiasm, dedication, and efforts that fostered a vibrant atmosphere for communication and research throughout the event.


In the second slot of MOGOJASTRO, every aspect unfolded seamlessly, delighting the organizers. The event proceeded flawlessly, ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for all attendees. The organizers expressed gratitude for the participants' cooperation and endurance, acknowledging their enthusiasm and active engagement as pivotal in contributing to the event's overall success.

The organizers emphasized their satisfaction with slot 2, recognizing its alignment with their standards. They highlighted the importance of providing each participant with a seamless and enjoyable experience, a goal successfully achieved as there were no issues. This allowed everyone to fully immerse themselves in the event's enigmas, riddles, and challenges without any hindrances.

The Grand Climax:

At the pinnacle of the grand finale, participants encountered an unexpected revelation that heightened the already intense atmosphere. A fascinating sequence of riddles awaited, each answer serving as the gateway to the subsequent mystery. Despite a minor discrepancy in the third clue that momentarily clouded clarity, the event's organizers adeptly managed the situation. Swift action was taken to ensure fairness, meticulously considering responses linked to the initial and second clues. This tactful handling maintained the event's suspense while safeguarding the integrity of the competition.


The winner of the event was Team_7. The team members were Subhanil Bhaduri, Tamajit Ghosh, Mayukh Ghosh, Soham Pal, and Gangitala Pranoy respectively.

First runner-up was the team Kochikame (Anubhav Mandal, Ayon Roy, Jyotirmoy Banerjee, Soumabha Dey, Ashmita Dutta)

Second runner-up was the team Novitec (Shreechandra Neogy, Ambika Mondol, Sojam Pal, Anwesha Panja, Zohaib Hussain)


It was a lifetime memory to be captivated, challenged, and inspired by MOGOJASTRO—an immersive experience that transcends a mere event. It's acted as a gateway to unleash one’s inner detective, unravel the mysteries, and delve into the depths of their academic potential while crafting cherished memories along the way.