Akashdip Mahapatra from Academy of Technology, Aadisaptagram is one of the most innovative-minded students of this institution. We are here to showcase such spectacular skilled stand-outers. Not only is he interested in learning new things but also believes in spreading the knowledge he inculcates

In the thriving world of YouTube content creators, Akashdip Mahapatra from Academy of Technology, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student hailing from Haldia, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, is carving his niche with his channel "Akash AOT."  Starting his journey in 2021, Akash has already amassed a subscriber count of 1.49K and garnered a commendable number of views on his educational videos.

Akash's channel primarily focuses on providing informative content, catering to a wide array of topics from Free CAD tutorials, 3D Designing and Modelling, Mechanical Engineering insights, to physics experiments. His aspiration is to diversify his content further by incorporating automobile-related topics and various forms of 2D and 3D modelling.

His motive behind starting the channel was to be popular and make his own unique identity among others so that he could assist others in learning seamlessly. He aims to deliver precise and helpful content so that his viewers can grasp the concepts easily.

For Akash, the process of creating content is meticulous and time-consuming, taking about 1-2 hours for the complete editing process. He utilizes a spectrum of software for both desktop and mobile, such as AutoCAD, Free CAD, Blender for Designing and Mechanical Engineering, Shotcut and Vita app for Video Editing, Google Snapseed, and Samsung photo editor, to ensure the quality and finesse of his thumbnail pictures. 

When asked about his audience base, Akashdip noted that his primary viewership comprises college and school students seeking guidance and knowledge in his field of expertise. He finds motivation in the positive feedback received, which fuels his determination to continue producing quality educational content.

As Akash's channel continues to gain traction and make an impact on educational content on YouTube, he remains dedicated to his mission of providing accessible and informative content for aspiring engineers and curious minds alike.

Akashdip Mahapatra's journey on YouTube stands as a testament to the power of educational content, making learning accessible and enjoyable for students across various disciplines. As he forges ahead, he remains dedicated to empowering and enlightening his audience, one video at a time.

For further updates and insightful content, viewers can subscribe to Akash AOT on YouTube and stay tuned for a wealth of educational resources provided by this enterprising young creator.