In a dazzling showcase of creativity and technological prowess, students from across the nation participated in the 9th edition of "KPIT Sparkle 2023," a national-level tech innovation competition organized by KPIT Technologies LTD. Commencing in September 2022, the event attracted lakhs of participants from various corners of India, showcasing their ingenious projects and groundbreaking ideas.

The initial stage involved the submission of team member details and project ideas, followed by a second stage where 500 teams, out of a multitude of submissions, advanced to the prototyping phase. The emphasis on innovation and excellence echoed through every stage, reinforcing the crucial role of an inventive mindset for engineers.

Among the standout participants was Team Magnifier from the Academy of Technology, comprising Ariha Khan, Shibaji Chattopadhyay, Subrata Som, Subhadip Ghosh Mondal, and Oindrila Mukherjee. Their focus was on addressing the impending global energy crisis caused by the excessive use of fossil fuels, particularly in electric rickshaws.

In a bold move, Team Magnifier harnessed solar energy as an alternative to conventional electrical sources, aiming to enhance the battery life and mileage of electric rickshaws. Their innovative approach, including the design of a special MPPT-based charge controller, presented a solution with the potential to reduce carbon emissions significantly.

The finals, hosted at KPIT's Pune headquarters, provided a platform for the top teams to present their projects. KPIT, true to its commitment, covered all travel and stay expenses for the shortlisted teams and provided a prototyping reimbursement of Rs 25,000 per team.

The first day concluded with a memorable "Drum Circle" experience, highlighting the event's focus on participant well-being and fostering camaraderie. Team Magnifier, recognizing the power of music to reduce tension, played a pivotal role in creating a sense of solidarity among attendees.

The second day witnessed Team Magnifier securing a significant victory at the Grand Finale, earning a spot among the top 23 teams in the nation. Their interaction with renowned professors and industrialists during the judging process showcased the depth of their inventiveness. The team actively engaged in the online community to secure votes for their popularity in the Grand Finale, underscoring their commitment to both technical prowess and community interaction.

In an interview, the team shared insights into their journey, expressing gratitude for the support received from their college and acknowledging the pivotal role played by their project guide, Dr. Sukanta Bose. Overcoming challenges, including the need for feasible prototyping and juggling semester exams, the team's determination stood unwavering.

KPIT's collaboration and guidance, along with the college's support, propelled Team Magnifier forward. The students dedicated their success to Dr. Bose, who facilitated an environment for optimal project development at IIEST Shibpur campus, exposing them to other green energy projects.

The prototype's outcome was a dream realized for Team Magnifier, marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication. The two-day event, according to the team, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, urging every student to participate in such events for broadening their vision and gaining exposure to the outer world.

The team expressed deep appreciation for KPIT's exceptional management skills throughout the event, emphasizing the importance of such platforms in nurturing the innovators of tomorrow.