6th November, 2022:

Excitement filled the air, as the campus came alive with the buzz of coding enthusiasts at a highly anticipated coding event organized by Student’s Chapter AEIE – EEE named “Code’tsav 1.0”.

This event was the first-ever coding competition organized by this chapter and was a huge success, with almost 105 participating teams competing with each other’s skills. All the teams were enthusiastic and took this as a golden opportunity to showcase their talent and expand their network as well. 

Code’tsav 1.0 prelims took place on 4th Nov 2022. On this day 1st stage of the competition was scheduled through which they elected their top 8 contending teams to the finals which was to be held on 5th Nov 2022.

They not only planned an immensely engaging event but also introduced prize money for the participants to give their best. The prize money allotted for the first second and third positions were 5k, 3k, and 2k respectively. The urge to grab a spot in top 3 made the competition more intriguing.

This event hosted using HackerRank had an entry fee of Rs.20 per member. A team of only 2-4 people was allowed to participate. The core coding foundation of languages like C, C++, and Java was the main highlight of the coding event.

The top 8 finalists of Code’tsav were:

Akins; Humble Fool; Decoders; Noob Grammars; Coding Mafia; Binary Bytes; Bug Byte; Bhagyer Porihas.

The final round of this event was arranged on 5th Nov 2022, where alumni of our college were invited for a talk show. Their journey so far inspired our current students a lot.

In a remarkable display of talents, the coding event at AOT culminated with the crowning of its brilliant winners.

The first place spot was taken by 'Bhagyer Porihas' whose innovative approach left everyone in awe. The first runner-up spot was bagged by 'Bug Byte' who decoded and found out bug in their code and impressively justified their second place. The third position was acquired by 'Noob Grammars' and we should negate their name as noob because they were pro when it came to solving problems.


This event was successfully executed with equal efforts of the team members of the chapter along with the help of the senior Convenors. The senior-junior bonding played an inevitable role.

To conclude, CODE’TSAV was a wholesome experience for all with a healthy competitive environment. This much awaited two-day event was the culmination of a long tough grind. Organizers as well as participants gained valuable experience during the whole process. We are extremely thankful to all the student members and teachers involved in the execution for gifting us such a well-managed event.