As the digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the Students Chapter of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at our institution stands as a dynamic force driving innovation, learning, and collaboration. In the year 2022, this chapter embarked on a journey that transcended the boundaries of conventional education, organizing a series of events that not only enriched the academic experience but also fostered a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts. This article serves as a retrospective, offering a comprehensive overview of the remarkable events that unfolded under the banner of the Students Chapter of CSE, illustrating a commitment to excellence. This report highlights the successful organization of the events listed below:

1.Techquisitive Season 4

Students chapter of the CSE department conducted  “TECHQUISITIVE Season 4” on 2nd June and  it was the very first offline event after the pandemic.They received an overwhelming response with the participation of over 120 teams from all departments.

The prelims round was conducted on 2nd June with approximately 450+ participants. Volunteers from 2nd  and 3rd  years worked together to manage participants who were present in the allocated six rooms. It was also the first event for new members of the CSE students chapter and to conduct it on such a large scale might have been catastrophic, but with the support and help from everyone, Prelims ended with flying colors.

On 4th June, Saturday the most awaited final round of “TECHQUISITIVE SEASON 4” was organized. It was conducted in the auditorium with the top 12 teams selected from prelims. They also invited passed-out seniors from the batch of 2021, who were an integral part of IEI student's chapter CSE during their college life to be the quiz masters for the final round.

After multiple tie-breaker rounds and tough competition, a team from 1st year came first for the Techquisitive season 4, followed by 1st runner-up which was from 2nd  year, and 2nd runner-up was another team from 1st year.

Prof. Prasenjit Das, HOD of the CSE Department awarded the winning team with Rs.2500, while the 1st Runner-up received Rs. 1500 from Prof. Srinjoy Bid, and the 2nd Runner-up received Rs.1000 from Prof. Uday Kr. Mondal. 

The event would not have been successful in such a short period without the support and help from all the volunteers, participants, members of the chapter, seniors, and everyone who has been directly and indirectly involved.

2.Game E-Hunt 1.0

IEI Students’ Chapter CSE of Academy of Technology triumphantly organized “Game E-Hunt 1.0”, the maiden online intra-college gaming event of our college during the mid-semester break. Well, it was decided to orchestrate the event and feedback was invited from all the undergraduates to infer their enthusiasm and consent. Their reciprocation was noteworthy. The event was divided into 2 parts -i) PC Gaming & ii) Mobile Gaming. Through an E-poll, for PC Gaming, VALORANT, one of the most trending PC games was elected while for Mobile Gaming, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE OF INDIA[BGMI] was shortlisted based on voting. After finalizing the games, the enrolment procedure for the Valorant tournament sharply began in online mode. Enrolment was free of cost. 60 students across all the departments and academic years enlisted their names with 5 students comprising to form a squad, taking the overall team tally to 12.

The names of the 12 teams were TROLLORANT, RAPTORS, PRIMAL V, MAXIMUS, THE BOYS, TNB, NHK DUELISTS, RENEGADES, TEAM AOT, RAGE WARRIOR,GOATs & RAVENSKULLS. The tournament was partitioned into 3

phases-Group Stage, Qualifiers & the Grand Finale. The group stage was conducted on 6th July 2022 in a knockout pattern where all the teams were pooled concurrently and then the fixtures were determined according to draw and played in BO1 format. After the group stage, only 6 teams advanced for the qualifier and the qualifiers were again split up into 2 phases. Phase-1 was co-ordinated on July 7th,2022 in BO1 format and knockout basis from which 3 teams qualified for the phase-2 i.e., the Super 3s played on 8th July 2022, where all the squads played among themselves and the best 2 teams advanced into the Grand Finale. The teams in the finale were RAPTORS & TNB had an appalling face-off played on July 9th, 2022, where TNB defeated RAPTORS comfortably with ascore line of 13-1 with their remarkable skills, sheer class, and valiant game sense, emerging as the winner of the inaugural edition of the “Game E-Hunt 1.0 PC Gaming”. Right through the tourney, some fierce battles among the teams were witnessed, every team flaunted various skill sets, gritty mentality and resilience, intriguing game sense, and sportsmanship. All the matches were live-streamed on the YouTube channel entitled “GAME EHUNT BY SC CSE” courtesy of Mayukh Ghosh who was the host, moderator, and streamer and Sayan Kundu who was the main caster. An enormous effort was made by them to make the tourney a huge success.

Shortly, after conducting the online VALORANT event successfully, registration for the BGMI tournament started. The event was divided into two parts PRELIMS and FINALS held on two consecutive dates 31st July and 1st August respectively. Registration was free of cost. A total of 34 teams registered for the prelims, which were divided into two groups consisting of 17 teams each. Two matches were played within the groups in battle royal mode. Each of the teams played exceptionally well but only the top 5 teams of each group were considered as Finalists. Thus, a total of 10 teams were qualified for the FINALS. After the intense, suspenseful, and nail-biting last battle among the top 10 teams, Team HYP (Soumojit Koley, Divyanshu Singh, Akash Sen, Rishav Dey) came out victorious with the most awaited “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” and became the very first winner of the GAME E HUNT 1.0 (Mobile gaming section).

Thus, it can be concluded that the final round was once again a major success. Our casters Arnab Ghosh and Ahan Chakraborty did an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained. All the matches in Finals as well as Prelims were live-streamed on the Student's Chapter official gaming channel “GAME EHUNT BY SC CSE”.


Students Chapter of CSE organized it’s first 3-week long workshop and Roadmap event- STRIDE. The event was held both online and offline and spanned over three weeks from September 3rd to September 24th.

The offline event was held in AOT's D-Block auditorium, which has a maximum capacity of 300. Due to the overwhelming response and limited space, tickets were distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The event had a total of 320+ attendees, including 240+ non-SC-SCE members and 80 SC-CSE members.

The offline event timings were from 1:30-4:00 pm, and the lineup of speakers included Subhodeep Dutta from Oracle, Indrajit Kabiraj and Trithankar Bhattacharya from Zeotap, Sayan Kundu from TCS Digital, and Abhishek Singh from Hitachi Vantara. The topics of discussion ranged from cloud systems, web development, software engineering internship preparation, Flutter, and Java.

The online event was held on various dates in September and featured speakers from top tech companies such as Amazon, CRIS, Facebook, and Kaustav Mukhopadhyaya, a 4th-year ME student of AOT, who spoke on MITACS international internships and research. Abhishek Mishra from Amazon spoke on SDE preparation, Shouvik Bhattacharya from CRIS spoke on GATE preparation, and Rahul Jaiswal from Facebook spoke on Data Science.

The event was a huge success and received positive feedback from attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to learn from industry experts. The tickets for the event were priced at a nominal fee of Rs. 45 for non-SC-SCE members, while SC-CSE members were given free tickets.

The Students Chapter team behind the event expressed their gratitude to all the speakers and attendees for making the event a grand success. They also promised to organize more such events in the future to provide opportunities for students to learn from industry leaders and prepare themselves for the ever-evolving tech industry.


As we bid adieu to the triumphant conclusion of Techquisitive, Game E-Hunt, and STRIDE in the remarkable year of 2022, the resounding success of these events reverberates as a testament to the unwavering spirit of innovation and collaboration within the Student Chapter CSE  community. The enthusiasm and active participation witnessed in these events not only fueled a dynamic exchange of knowledge but also forged lasting connections among our diverse student body. The organizing teams, participants, and the entire community have collectively created an environment where curiosity thrives, skills flourish, and camaraderie prevails.