27th June, 2022:

Hacking Heist 2.0, organized by INAXIA and Major League Hacking (MLH), was a dynamic 36-hour global hackathon held from June 24th to 26th 2022, dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity among participants. Over 500 teams, including 'Anonymous Hacker,' engaged in this event, focusing on the theme of Web 3.0.

The team “Anonymous Hacker”(Team Members: Irshit Mukherjee, Rwitesh Bera, Priyanka Kothari, Archisman Saha) chose to address the limitations of Web2 Email by developing a Blockchain-based email service. They aimed to create a more secure platform where users' confidential data would be stored on Ethereum's blockchain, enhancing trust and significantly reducing spam emails.

The team strategically divided their tasks to maximize efficiency within the limited timeframe. They began with prototype preparation a day before the hackathon commenced. Priyanka and Archisman focused on designing the user interface using Figma, followed by front-end development using React Js. Rwitesh delved into writing the smart contract, while Irshit collaborated with Rwitesh to integrate the front end with the smart contract using Ether.Js.

The hackathon posed rigorous challenges, demanding extensive coding hours and minimal sleep. Some team members reported sleeping only for a few hours due to the workload, working until 4 am and 5 am, indicating their dedication and commitment to delivering a functional prototype within the deadline.

Despite the intense workload, the overall experience of participating in Hacking Heist 2.0 was positive for the team. They appreciated the opportunity to apply their knowledge of blockchain, Solidity, and frontend development in a practical setting. Building connections within the community, making new friends, and the organizers' commendable support during the submission phase added to their enjoyment of the hackathon.

The team's project aimed to revolutionize email services by leveraging Web3 technologies, showcasing their innovative approach and dedication to creating a more secure and efficient digital communication platform.