10 April 2022

In a remarkable journey through a tech-fest competition, a trio comprising Jyotirmoy Baidya from AOT, Rishav Aich from RCCIIT, and Sarthak Hazra from IEM embarked on crafting a line follower bot using Arduino. With a division of responsibilities, Jyotirmoy led the coding while his teammates handled the bot's assembly and parts collection.

Through a fortuitous connection with a school friend deeply involved in the organizing team of the tech-fest at RCCIIT College, Jyotirmoy learned about an intriguing line follower competition. Prompted by this insider information, Jyotirmoy, along with a friend from IEM, seized the opportunity to participate in the event. This auspicious connection paved the way for their involvement, steering them into the heart of the competition they had been eagerly anticipating.

Their preparation for the event began with the challenge of registration, navigated adeptly by their college-based teammate. The competition's rules were concise: the bot had to trace a designated line on a map, scoring based on speed, line adherence, and penalties for infractions like touching the hands. The trio faced trials and triumphs throughout their journey.

However, their initiation phase was marred by a peculiar issue. Upon assembly and code upload on the first day, the bot refused to function due to flawed jumper wires bereft of copper. After a grueling few hours and a wire replacement on the second day, they triumphed over the technical hiccup.

Qualifying for the finals on the third day was a testament to their resilience. Yet, the final day presented an intricate map that demanded a nuanced left-right biasing logic, a challenge they had not anticipated. Undeterred, within a mere hour, they orchestrated a fresh code to accommodate the necessary biasing concept. Despite their bot's slower pace affecting their timing score, their precision stood unparalleled, resulting in a commendable third-place finish with only two penalties, a testament to their meticulous approach.

The contest was an invaluable learning experience, especially for Jyotirmoy, marking his first foray into inter-college competitions. The team unearthed a trove of new concepts and methodologies, debunking the misconception that line follower events lack depth. Their remarkable feat as a first-year team amidst predominantly senior competitors attested to their innovative prowess.

For aspiring participants, proficiency in Arduino coding and sensor-motor coordination emerges as the pivotal preparation strategy. Mastering these skills not only serves well in line follower events but also lays a solid foundation for various innovative project competitions.

In essence, their journey exemplifies the essence of persistence, adaptability, and the wealth of knowledge gained from overcoming obstacles, embodying the adage that success often blossoms from the seeds of failure.