March 20, 2022 :

The budding talents at AOT have been showcasing their prowess in diverse fields, achieving remarkable milestones across several competitions.

1. Spark AR Community Hackathon

Aninda Banerjee, a first-year ECE student, participated in the Spark AR Community Hackathon, presenting his AR effect and receiving accolades for his innovative submission. His dedication and creativity earned him a commendable recognition and a goodie for his exceptional work.

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2. Pujar Amej” Quiz Competition

Manish Kumar, a first-year EE student, clinched the top position in a quiz competition organized by "Pujor Amej." Focusing on the theme "Puja Parvan" of Bengal, the competition featured multiple rounds, including photography, drawing, videography, and typography. Manish's achievement adds to the pride of AOT in this yearly event.

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Manish Kumar’s achievements:

3. MILAN’ 21 Cultural Competition

In the spirited MILAN’ 21 cultural competition organized by Maulana Azad College Students’ Union, two talented students from AOT, Samannway Sil and Srijana Pramanick of 2nd Year CSE, took part in the singing competition. Both qualified among the top 20 participants, with Samannway Sil securing an impressive 3rd position.

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Cultural Competition Details

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[Second Post]


[Samannway Sil’s Performance Video]


[Srijana Pramanick’s Performance Video]


These achievements underscore the dedication and talent fostered at AOT, where students not only excel academically but also shine in extracurricular endeavors. The institution takes pride in nurturing such multifaceted individuals and continues to support their endeavors in various domains.

The Academy of Technology (AOT) community congratulates these students on their remarkable achievements and continues to encourage and support their endeavors in pursuing excellence in both academia and extracurricular activities.