6th March 2022:

The story of Aashvast NGO, founded by Ankush Saha in 2019, embodies a commitment to societal welfare and service. Pranoy Mukherjee, a student of Academy of Technology, exemplifies selfless dedication, actively participating in various initiatives to uplift the community.

Distribution of books, notebooks, and stationery for meritorious students aimed at fostering education.Providing affordable meals at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital during the pandemic and assisting needy families with oxygen cylinders and PPE kits, showcasing their commitment to healthcare.Celebrating birthdays or significant donations by providing food to children in underprivileged areas, and spreading joy and nourishment. Educating backward classes on hygiene by distributing sanitary pads, is a step toward promoting health awareness. Collaborating with the Red Cross Society to assist pilgrims, demonstrating their involvement in large-scale endeavors.

 Swift response in providing drinking water and essential food supplies to the affected population in Sunderbans, exemplifying resilience in the face of adversity.Making national holidays special for children working at brick kilns by distributing cakes and organizing events, acknowledging their hard work.

Scout funding for significant events and donations from families and NGO members for sustaining operations. Pranoy's commitment to the NGO's cause extends beyond his current involvement. His aspiration to contribute financially once he establishes himself reflects dedication and long-term commitment.

 Pranoy's story and Aashvast NGO's journey serve as inspirations for collective action and service. Their selfless endeavors and impactful initiatives underscore the importance of community welfare. Individuals interested in supporting their cause can contribute to Aashvast NGO through the provided contact details.

Contact Information for Contribution

·         Contact No.: 7980123634

·         Bank Details:

·         Bank Name:Bank of Baroda

·         A/C Number:43118100007554


·         Name:Ankush Saha

·         Branch Name:Kanchrapara

·         G-Pay/PhonePe Number:7980123634


Pranoy and Aashvast NGO's story advocates for humanity's collective effort in creating a more compassionate world. As Coldplay mentioned in "Kaleidoscope," embracing the diverse emotions and welcoming every opportunity to serve others is the essence of being human.